Southwest Ontario - London District Chiefs Council

Indigenous Law Cases in Southwestern Ontario

The London District Chiefs Council represents almost 16,200 First Nations people over roughly 25,800 acres of reserve land (not including some Specific Claim and traditional lands). All members in the service area reside within a 100 km radius of the city of London, Ontario.

Carol Godby is a lawyer and Indigenous rights advocate who exclusively represents the interests of First Nations people. She has  extensive experience in representing clients throughout Ontario in their assertion of land and treaty rights impacted either by previous or proposed developments in Indigenous territories.  CG Law Group has assisted clients in their governance initiatives, including in the cannabis and energy sectors and has acted to help Nations protect their traditional knowledge.  Carol has also frequently advised and represented First Nation in employment related matters.  

The CG Law Group is located in London and has worked closely with the London District Chiefs Council and member communities over the past 20 years to elevate Indigenous voices and advance Indigenous Rights. Carol would be pleased to meet with you in your community to discuss your legal needs.

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