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Truth and Reconciliation

On September 30 we, as a Nation, will collectively acknowledge the tragic colonial and postcolonial policies that have lead to ...
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The Duty to Consult – Key Principles From Haida and Beyond

In November 2004, the Supreme Court of Canada released two seminal decisions: Haida Nation v. British Columbia (Haida)1 and Taku ...
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Consultation in the time of COVID-19 The London Lines Project

On January 28, 2021 the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) issued its decision to conditionally approve a Leave to Construct (LTC) ...
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Difficulty In Enforcement And Prosecution Of First Nation Laws

Many difficulties encountered on First Nations are interconnected. Many problems come together to make First Nation laws difficult to enforce ...
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Should All Lawyers Take Indigenous Cultural Competency Training?

Last October, the Law Society of Alberta made it a requirement that all lawyers in the province had to take ...
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Louis Riel Day In November: What Can We Learn?

November 16 is Louis Riel Day for Métis across Canada; it’s a national remembrance that is different from the Louis ...
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The Digital Divide – How COVID-19 Has Affected Indigenous Populations With Limited Internet and Technology Options

According to recent statistics, 96% of Canadians have access to the internet. Compared with the United States, where 10% of ...
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What Is The Indigenous Community Support Fund?

The Indigenous Community Support Fund is the Federal Government’s assistance plan for Indigenous governments. Also known as “the Fund,” it ...
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What Were The Recent “Cancel Canada Day” Rallies All About?

Leading up to our nation’s biggest holiday, Indigenous activists across Canada organized marches under the banner of “Cancel Canada Day.” ...
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