Cannabis Regulation in First Nation communities

It has now been well over a year since Canada’s Cannabis Act came into force and although the Federal Government had an opportunity to include Indigenous governments in its legislation, it failed to do so.  Under the current Cannabis Act, the Federal government controls production and processing, but has delegated distribution and sale of recreational cannabis solely to the provinces.  The recognition of Indigenous governments is noticeably absent.

Legalization of recreational cannabis has presented both challenges and opportunities. While the regulations over sale and distribution have rapidly evolved in Ontario, Indigenous exclusion remains constant and has provided an impetus for many communities to design their own systems.

It is critical that these systems protect community health and safety, reflect the First  Nation’s vision and that commercial activities and economic development proceed in ways the community sees fit.

Whether your focus is on strengthening regulation in your community or expanding opportunities to participate in a broader market, CG Law can help you to design strategies to engage your community and government and to develop frameworks that are aligned with the Nation’s vision and governance objectives.

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